Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hop hop hop

"It seems to me that today the art and craft of Quilting is like a great tree with many branches. Its roots are in the past but today It has flourished and developed and extended in various directions. Some people prefer to perch on one branch, some on another, and others elsewhere even on the far out twigs.". Joy Miller

This was posted in a quilting group and I think it is spot on. I'm trying to figure out just where I want to be in the quilting world. As a mostly self taught seamstress I've tried many different things but only a few that I care to do over and over again. As I learn I skip around from the traditional to the liberated to the modern I'm finding inspiration everywhere. on the quilting tree, I've found no permanent home. I'm having a great time climbing around the tree branches and very thankful that there are some strong roots down there keeping the tree standing. When I find my spot, I'll build a nest. For now it's hop, hop, hop.