Friday, November 30, 2012

getting ready for Easy Street step 2

using scraps
Easy Street step 2
The background fabric I used in step 1 contains some yardage and bits and pieces from the scrap drawer.  Now I realize that the background fabric for the rest of the quilt may not be as varied.  I still have the yardage fabric (some in abundance) but I've gone scrounging for variety.  Some of the pieces from the scrap drawer were the instruction parts of novelty panels (don't ask how old they are). I can't believe I used to toss them in the trash (silly, I know).  I found a few more buried in the stash so I wacked them off and into the quilt they go. I was never quite sure what I was saving them for, but now I know.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Step 1 (354 twosies- I'm getting there)
Fabric selections for Easy Street Mystery
(A Quilt Mystery)
I love mysteries and I love quilting sooooooo, I've decided to do my first mystery quilt.  Easy Street with Bonnie Hunter.  Because it's my first attempt at this, I'm sticking pretty close to the recommended/suggested colors, but because I'm frugal I'm only using fabrics I already have.  I've substituted a piece of black with white dots for the gray 'constant' because I don't have a big piece of gray fabric to use.