Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Camp Nana Got It's Name

You've heard "kids say the darndest things"? Well, I guess they never grow out of it.

Camp Nana is wherever Nana and Papa live. It used to be in rural Illinois, now it's on a mountainside in Southwest Virginia.

Camp Nana is also a foster home to 2 misbehaving dogs, one from my brother and one from DD an 1 cat with special needs (I swear she's autistic).

No children live here, but there are toys in the yard just waiting for grandchildren to visit. Now that they are in school it's summer camp and school holiday visits, but they are never long enough. Camp Nana has become a creative retreat for me. You can see my creations here and in several retail galleries (Heartwood Artisan Center, Appalachian Art Center, and The Golden Palette Gallery)

DD gave Camp Nana it's name when she told her dog to behave or it was going to Camp Nana and the name stuck. But we all know that Camp Nana is not a punishment, but a place to be spoiled and live the good life.