Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We have had quite a summer here in the Appalachians. Bear sightings in several neighborhoods, copperheads nesting in waterfalls and gardens. Hawks and Owls shopping for dinner in our yard. Some of it has been a little scarey, some of it very enjoyable, and some of it has been downright funny.
I made this little toady as a gift for a friend following an especially funny story about not being able to get back in the house one evening because there was a "huge" toad sitting by the door just waiting to jump into the house if she opened the door. So just how do you get a toad to jump out of your way without touching it?
I filled him with rice so he is quite poseable. His eyes are 4 beads (the black ones fit just perfectly inside the clear ones (how lucky is that?).

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