Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Felted Rocks Tutorial

Felted Rocks Tutorial  Here is a tutorial for felting rocks.  This is not the one I used, but I can't find the one I first saw.  I think it has been deleted.  This one is very similar.

This is the third kind of felting that I have done.  In my first knitting class we knitted and felted a bag.  In the second class, a hat.  Since then I have felted some old wool sweaters and blazers to use for other projects.  The baby shoes, HERE were made from wool from one of the blazers.  If you have accidentally shrunk/felted a wool/cashmere item, I have another project in mind.  Don't throw them away, I need them. 

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Linda said...

Your felted rocks kind of look like turds! I bet they look pretty in a basket or bowl though. Couldn't resist! Ninny