Saturday, May 22, 2010

Woof Woof #1

The photography is not very good but I hope you can see that the ears and tongue hang free on this paper pieced doggy.  I was trying to make one that looks like Sara (and it does a little). Next, to make one that looks like Bubbles.  finding a black and white fabric for Bubbles' face might be the biggest challenge.  These were fabrics in my stash.  I was anxious to try this new pattern.  The brown is leftover from the back of a quilt and the background was a FQ gifty from my SIL.  I think I'll look at some other options for the tongue while I'm shopping too.  The pattern is by Christine Thresh at  It is called "My Dog Your Dog" or maybe it's "Your Dog My Dog".

1 comment:

Christine Thresh said...

Thank you for mentioning me.
Your dog is cute.

I enjoyed browsing through your blog this morning.