Monday, August 9, 2010

Reuseable & Recycleable shopping bag

I made this reusable shopping bag  patterned after the brown paper bag and added handles. (next time I'm adding some padding to the handles)  It can even have a brown paper bag for a liner.  Using a paper liner means you don't have to launder the cloth bag as often.  A recent segment on a morning news program discussed the cleanliness issues of using reusable shopping bags, laundering and lining them are a couple of solutions.  We usually have some of these brown paper bags because when we forget our reusable bags we always ask for paper (where available) because I recycle them in the garden (more on that in a minute).  Now they can be reused as liners first and then off to the garden .
Paper bags in the garden:  I put them down as a weed barrier and scatter some mulch on top to hide them.  They decompose nicely after they do their job and we use less mulch this way.  


Finn said...

Hi Nana, I really like your shopping bag liner idea. Using a bag to keep the outer bag clean is a really good idea. From what I've read you're not short on ideas!! I have to confess to not having nearly as such curiousity or drive as what I see here, but I am 100% behind you doing anything that appeals to you. I thinking we SHOULD make "our own" quilts, and bravely go where none may follow.
The shortalls into aprom idea is stunning! Love it! Hugs, Finn

Barb said...

That is such a smart thing to do for your the bag.