Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Placemats teach table setting

Each placemat features a novelty fabric personally chosen for each child/grandchild. The appliqued pieces show how to set the table for dinner. The back of the placemat is the same novelty fabric, making them somewhat reversible.

Applique is NOT my thing, but this turned out OK.  I glue basted the fabrics after I starched the dickens out of them.  I used machine applique.  The stitch I used looked like a combination of a narrow satin stitch and buttonhole stitch.  I'm hoping it will wear a little better than the buttonhole stitch alone and it didn't get too stiff or puckery like the satin stitch (and it didn't hang up on the foot either).  Thin batting and no binding, I turned them pillow case style so there would be less chance of a cup tipping if it was set on the edge.  I was afraid binding might make a bump that could cause spillage. 

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