Saturday, November 21, 2015

Georgia Bonesteel strip picture piecing class

Here is my first attempt at Georgia Bonesteel's technique.  It is currently waiting to be quilted, but I was anxious to show-n-tell.

This inspiration piece from a magazine completely changed my plan for this quilt.  In fact, it turned my original plan upside down. 

Seen here with the fabrics I had taken to the class (before painting)

When I selected fabrics to take to this class I was planning to use the blue and gray water color-ish fabric for the sky and then to use the whites and greens to create snowy, evergreen covered mountains.  

I used some water color pencils to mute a couple of fabrics that popped out as too bright.  


Flickenstichlerin said...

Wow, this is amazing, wonderful effects.

claireS said...

I came over to check out your blog. You commented on my blog a while ago, about the dragon quilt I made my DD.
Your landscape quilt is lovely.
I see from your profile that we have many things in common besides quilting, including baby wearing. (My kids are taller than me now, but too young to have grand kids).
Claire from